Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Praying Mantis Nymphs For Sale!

I ordered a praying mantis egg case for our classroom.  It arrived in a small cup and didn't look like much...kind of like a  large walnut.  It was our pet rock.  It didn't move or grow and we could only guess what was happening inside.  All that changed Wednesday at 11:50 am.  The children and I were just settling in for our last group time, when a student shouted, 'the praying mantis' are hatching!". Hundreds of nymphs emerged from the egg case, climbing over each other and filling our habitat with small insects.  It was a spectacular sight!   We observed them for a few days, then released the majority of them into the garden to eat and grow.
The children enjoyed the return of the easel to the classroom.  When given the choice of painting by themselves, or with a partner, everyone opted for 'partner painting'.  They shared the space cooperatively and the paintings were pretty spectacular.
We were busy in the classroom...
...and in the Courtyard

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