Monday, May 23, 2016

Symmetry and Graphing

The last couple weeks have flown by very fast! The toddlers have showed great interest in cutting, gluing, sorting and building. 
Inside the classroom we continued learning about symmetry, patterns and designs. Here are some friends creating their own symmetrical butterflies with paint. We also have been graphing in the toddler room! As our caterpillars change into chrysalides, we have been observing and graphing the number of chrysalides with cubes and paper.
Here are some friends practicing ripping and tearing. We looked at books that had beautiful illustrations of mosaic art and created our own butterfly art. We also read several books about Monarch butterflies.
Play dough work 
We used popsicle sticks and play dough to build a zoo! We used the play dough as 'glue' and made homes for all the animals.
Outside we loved climbing, building castles, and jumping!

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