Monday, June 6, 2016

Goodbye Spring- Hello Summer!

The last couple weeks we were able to watch our caterpillars fully develop into butterflies, and then release them. We released all five butterflies in the sand box on a bright a sunny morning and made predictions about where they would fly to and explore.
Here are some friends practicing using medicine droppers with oil and water. The toddlers loved watching the colors change and blend with one another.
We have been working very hard on our fine motor skills lately. Here are some friends using dry erase markers and plastic sheets to trace waves, lines, circles, stick figures. 
Sticker fun!
This activity helped us practice counting, peeling and creating straight lines with stickers.
Outside we soaked up the sun and used the slides to climb up, down, jump off of and much more. 
I look forward to starting the summer program, seeing familiar faces as well as meeting some new. We have done an excellent job all being successful and brilliant learners all year! :)

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