Saturday, October 1, 2016

Here We Go!

The toddler class is off to a great start! We are exploring our classroom and outdoor spaces, learning our classroom routines, how to play together, and learning each other’s names!

In our classroom we are learning through dramatic play by taking time to prepare meals for each other and dolls, as well as, learning the idea of sorting using our autumn leaves and bowls.  Outside time is spent running, riding, climbing, and exploring as we play in the courtyard and the sandbox area!

As we squished, swirled, and spread our fingers together and apart, we discovered the cool foamy texture of shaving cream! Some friends were a little unsure of this new sensation, while others dove right in! Whatever case, we had a lot of fun exploring!

We love seeing pictures of our families on the wall! This helps us feel happy in class when we see the familiar faces of people who love us!

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