Saturday, October 1, 2016

Welcome Back to Pre-K!

We are having a wonderful start to our 2016-2017 school year in PreK.  Here is a look at our fabulous class.  Students are coming together to share space and materials, help and encourage one another, and best of all, to have fun and laugh together.  

Our classroom offers many areas to play and learn, some individually, some in pairs, and others in large groups.  Students strengthened fine motor skills through activities such as tearing paper for our rainbow, stringing wood beads, and rolling play dough.  We also had fun with dressing up, creative art, and time in the sandbox.

I caught Mrs. Ronda in the most important spot of the classroom- on the carpet and surrounded by students!  She is with us during inside time to assist students, manage group activities, read books, and play.  I offer both teacher-directed actives and free choice opportunities to all students.  At the beginning of the year this is where our most important work takes place, playing and navigating social skills while working on fine motor, engineering, science, language, and math skills too.  

While outside, students devised their own unique large motor activities.  Jumping hurdles and climbing a balance beam strengthened gross motor skills and required problem solving as well as communication with other students.  Bikes and Go-Wheelie toys promote balance and coordination.

And when it's simply too warm out and we need to cool off, who can resist pouring and splashing water?!  (Thank you for always supplying extra clothes for your child.  This is precisely why we need them!) 

See you all next time for more fun with PreK!

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