Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It's easy as 1, 2, 3!

A creative student decided to elevate one end of the balance beam and after successfully making it across, other students lined up to give it a try too.  One of my favorite parts of preschool is seeing how inventive children are.  This self-initiated activity was a learning experience in engineering, math, language, social interactions, and large motor movement.  So much learning from one simple beam of wood.  How great is that?! 

PreK was incredibly busy in the month of October!  I couldn't post every photo of all the fun things we did but here were some highlights.

Balance is also an inside activity as students hammered golf tees into foam blocks then carefully balanced marbles on top.  

Students loved using dinosaurs in their dramatic play.  We found a plastic volcano and added pieces of felt and fabric to create grass, a lava flow, and a pool of water.  The other favorite dramatic play topic was "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" story.  We acted out the story at circle time then used toys to continue the retelling on a smaller scale. 

There were several opportunities to practice sorting items either by shape or color.  

Did you know that sorting is an early math skill?  So are counting, grouping, patterning, classification by detail, size, and position.  To encourage fine motor development I offered various sizes of tongs for students to use while sorting , counting, or patterning.  

Other fun parts of our school time included sensory play with shaving cream, ice cubes, and paint.  Time in the sandbox, playing games with friends, and creative expression make up our day and we look forward to all that and more in November.


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