Sunday, November 6, 2016

Toddlers are getting into Fall!

So much fall fun is happening in the toddler class this month.

Our art projects have allowed the children to explore different ways to paint, such as using rolling golf balls through paint and stamping with small pumpkins. There was a great deal of focus and hand-eye coordination tracking the ball as they carefully tilted the box to make it roll through the paint.

We made a collaborative autumn-themed wreath by using our pincher fingers to carefully tuck decorations in between the grape wines. And we made leaf crowns by learning how to use glue to make a “sticky spot” before placing a leaf on the crown. It was messy and sticky, but they loved it!

Inspired by the book, “Mouse’s First Fall”, we put up a big “sticky tree” for the children to decorate with foam leaves. Sensory play at this age is important to ignite curiosity, creativity and early scientific thinking: 

“What will stick to this tree?”
“When I touch the sticky paper, it sticks to my sleeve.”

Connecting with friends is starting to happen at school! At this age, we often see most children engaging in parallel play – doing similar activities near each other, but not interacting with one another. As they become more comfortable with one another and discover similar likes and dislikes, some will play together in a cooperative activity. Here are two of our toddlers that love to play hide and seek in the blankets and pillows together!

But we also really enjoy doing things in the classroom by ourselves...

We are carefully watering and watching our pea seeds grow into pea plants! It’s fun to see how the tendrils are beginning to hold onto and climb the trellis. 

And of course, every day, we explore the different fun activities in our outside play spaces. We are learning how to climb up the climbing wall and - overcoming fear - how to climb down too! 

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