Tuesday, November 1, 2016

We were busy in October!

The children loved our Apple tasting unit.  We compared the taste of red delicious, Granny Smith and Gala apples.  They had good recall of the names of the apples, even if their pronunciation was a little creative. When we discussed the apple names, one student volunteered (at the top of her lungs) that the green apple was a Granny 'Sniff'!  
With Mrs. Ronda's help, the children cored and peeled apples with a hand crank peeler.  Then we cooked apple sauce in our electric skillet.  Very Yummy! 

We've had a few music classes with Mrs. Danielle.  She brings in new songs and music, and offers instruments (egg shakers and rhythm sticks) to practice following different rhythms.  One week she brought a huge gauzy scarf.  The children moved it like waves in the ocean.  So far, my class has really loved dancing to the music and learning 'Little 'Liza Jane'.   Three and four year olds really need to move!

Here are some pictures from inside the classroom...

...and outside in the Courtyard.

We explored the story, Little Blue and Little Yellow, a friendship tale, through different art media.  The children finger painted with shaving cream, to which I added blue and yellow paint.  They observed the new colors they created and proudly exclaimed, we made green!  I also offered 'Rainbow Clouds" a layer of shaving cream floating on water.  The children used eye droppers to drop blue and yellow colored 'rain' on their clouds and watched the colors mix.  Hands on science in a creative way.

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