Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pumpkin fun in Mrs. Dottie's Classroom

The children loved our pumpkin investigation.  They scooped the 'guts' out of small pumpkins and counted pumpkin seeds.  The real fun began when I offered golf tees and hammers to make holes in our giant pumpkin.  They learned to hold the golf tees steady with one hand while hammering with the other.  We did have a few flying tees when a student opted to hammer with both hands for added oomph.  

When our pumpkin became unfit for the classroom, we put it outside to watch it decompose.  The children spent much time observing the process and used some good descriptive words...oozey, rotten, disgusting, shrinking and foamy.  I hope that in time, we'll observe the seeds germinate into the second generation.

Classroom Work

The children write and draw at the writing table every day. To mix it up a little, I offered big sheets of paper to draw on at the carpet.  Some children sat up to draw, while others knelt or lay prostrate.  They used large muscles (shoulder and back) to create cool designs.  

Opening and closing padlocks was a popular activity.  This activity required both precision (fitting the key in the lock) and strength (squeezing the mechanism shut).

Courtyard fun

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout.

Jump!  The children loved launching themselves off the wall onto the exercise mat.  

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