Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thankful for Friends

We finished off October learning about spiders and exploring the pumpkins we carved! We helped scoop out the guts of the pumpkin and we played with spaghetti noodles with plastic spiders in it!

We took our first field trip to See Canyon Fruit Ranch where we had a wonderful time with our family and friends learning about apples!

Outside in the courtyard we have been splashing and playing in our water table, scooting in our bikes and driving around in the coop cars! We’ve also spent time focusing on our spatial awareness by building towers with blocks and learning about cause and effect when we knock the block towers over they fall and then we need to build them again!  We also spent some time painting pine cones for fall!

Outside in the sandbox we've been making mud cupcakes and mud pies and digging for treasures.  We are spending more time learning how to climb up and down the play structure.

In the classroom, we explored with shaving cream discovering not only that it feels squishy and cool, but that it makes noise!

During the month of November we have been learning about people in our community. We have a doctor’s office set up in our classroom and the kids have loved playing doctor and taking care of the babies, animals and each other!

Our class has loved creating collages with glue, shapes and paper. We also spent some time making turkeys by stamping feathers with paint and cardboard and gluing turkey bodies, eyes and beaks on!

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