Thursday, January 12, 2017

Holiday fun in PreK

 For the month of December I asked the students what symbols they think of for winter and Christmas.  We then created activities and play areas that used the symbols on our list.  Some activities included lacing stockings, tasting candy canes, and making "snowballs" from white yarn and a special wrapping tool.  

Here are students involved in a candy cane theme activity.  The first step was to snip strips of red and white paper.  The second step was to plan the type of pattern they wanted (ABAB, AABB, ABBA, etc.) then use glue sticks to affix the pattern on black paper.  

We used salad spinners and paper plates for our wreath themed activity.  See how students were able to use both a pressing motion and a pulling motion on the two different spinners?  A few squirts of green paint on the paper plate inside and the rest was a whirl of fun.  After the plates dried students were free to decorate in their own way.  

Two sensory exploration areas in December were our large salt tray with vehicles (we pretended they were driving through snow!)  and our glitter gak.  There are different names for this concoction like gak, slime, or putty,  but the recipe is the same.  Just glue, liquid starch, and glitter or food coloring then mix. 

I hope your child enjoyed sharing their special ornament with you.  Everyone worked carefully to decide how to fill their ornament.  Some students went minimalist and others crammed as much inside as would fit.  This was a fun way for everyone to create with a variety of materials and to use as much or as little as they wanted.  

Before leaving for our long holiday break, we celebrated with a Polar Express day.  We wore pajamas, built a train track to the North Pole, sipped on warm cocoa, and enjoyed singing carols together.  I hope your holiday was joyous and that 2017 brings you all good health and much laughter.  

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