Thursday, January 12, 2017

January in the Toddler Class

Outside Cooperative Play

The children are working outside together in pairs and teams, helping one another, communicating with each other, and discovering the joys (and challenges) of playing cooperatively with others!

Art, Art, and More Art

All the students are diving into exploring with glue, paint, scissors, markers, stamps and crayons. They are noticing how glue feels and how paint and markers leave stains on fingers but crayons do not. They are also beginning to represent their ideas on paper - “This is a circle!” “This is my name.” – figuring out that writing is a way to communicate!

Rain Play!

We play outside regardless of the weather, and rain offers us the opportunity to explore how the environment changes when it’s wet. The sand in the sandbox feels and works differently, there are puddles to play in and to observe how the water moves. And there are certain spots where one can stand to experience a more direct drip-drop of the rain on one’s head!

Toddler Physics

Using rain gutter pieces, the children have been exploring the force of gravity and momentum with cars, balls, and ramps. How do things change when the ramp is low? What happens when there’s something in the way? Do some cars travel faster?

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