Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Back in Action 2017 ... Happy New Year!

Back in Action in 2017...Happy New Year!

Children learn best when they're using all of their senses to explore new experiences.  From dry, scratchy sand and slippery bubble solution, to wet, fragrant shaving cream, they dove into serious sensory fun!

One of the fine motor activities available was 'pin work'.  Holding the tip of a push pin and poking holes in paper strengthens small fingers, hands and wrists.  This requires concentrated effort and tenacity.

I added extruders to the play dough table.  It takes a lot of strength to squeeze the play dough through the extruder, but the results are so satisfying that the children returned again and again to make more 'pasta noodles' and more 'crazy hair'. One enterprising student fashioned a spider web with the thin play dough coils.

The children always enjoy outside play.  Mrs. Ronda provided bilibos and balance boards one week, then added Zoobs and duplo people and animals the next.  The children are spending more time connecting the Zoob pieces to form recognizable objects. They also spend a good amount of time using the people and animals in imaginary play scenarios with their peers.  

We love music with Miss Danielle.  The children have been singing a simple song that she taught us this month. 

Hey Betty Martin, tiptoe, tiptoe
Hey Betty Martin, tiptoe fine.

Hey Betty Martin, tiptoe, tiptoe
Hey Betty Martin, please be mine!

As we repeat the song, the children offer different actions (replacing the tiptoes), so we could be jumping, marching, patting our heads, etc.

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