Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Rain, Rain and more Rain!

Who doesn't love playing outside in the rain?  From stomping in puddles and finding many slugs, to catching raindrops and looking for rainbows, we spent a good portion of February engaging in wet, stormy play.

Cornstarch plus water equals Ooblick.  The children, the table, the floor and I were covered in this wet/dry/dripping sensory material.

Mrs. Danielle brought in her big drums one morning.  Nine children drumming on nine drums created sounds that mimicked the weather.  They produced the sounds of a light rain, a developing storm and an ominous thunderstorm.  It was an unforgettable experience.

We focused on continuing to develop meaningful friendships in February. Children exhibit kinder behavior and more self regulation with the peers they consider their friends.  They shared lovely Valentine's cards with each other and listened to many stories about friends.  We especially loved the books by Oliver Jeffers.  He is a creative storyteller and master illustrator.  

Sandbox play is more fun when the sand is really wet.  The children made tons of mud cakes and mud pies, vats of soup and hot chocolate.  I'm the 'taster' and sampled every one's special recipe.  

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