Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rain, Snow, and Sunshine

January brought us all sorts of weather and PreK delighted in splashing in puddles, cutting paper snowflakes, and running outside during our sunny days.  

Hula hoops were fun for capturing friends and playing tug 'o' war.  A fun game we played inside the classroom was bean bag toss into a metal basket.  

The enthusiasm and excitement from our snowflake activity was incredible!  Students strengthened skills like folding, planning, cutting, and using prior knowledge (of images) to find shapes and symbols in their snowflake.  As they unfolded the papers they would exclaim, " It's a rocket ship!"  or " I made the Batman sign!" 

As soon as one student showed me his "bat signal" symbol in his snowflake, I had a an idea.  What would happen if I shined a light through each snowflake and we could see the image projected on the wall?!  It was a really thrilling experience for us to see how the shadow symbol was similar or different from the snowflake the students made.  

The class had fun using cash registers and play money to purchase items in the classroom.  We counted dollars and coins and learned the buttons on the register (on, off, and clear.)

January is a great month to discuss winter weather, Arctic regions, and animal adaptations for winter.  We played with polar animals and icebergs in our water table and we conducted experiments to see how ice melts. 

A new discovery area in the classroom is our "Listening Center."  A cd player and headset was available with story and cd accompaniment.  This is a fun way for students to use technology, develop language and reading skills, while also using simple problem solving skills such as fitting the headset on their ears, finding the appropriate volume level, and being able to start, stop, or pause the cd as needed.  

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