Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"This snowflake is delicious!"

Have you ever tasted a marshmallow snowflake?  PreK put together snowflakes in February and they were scrumptious!  I made a diagram for students to follow, first by counting the number of materials they needed (toothpicks and marshmallows.)  Next they built their snowflake and last of all it was time to gobble it up.  What a fun way to practice math, science, and engineering concepts.  

We had a new dramatic play corner in the classroom for students to dress up, serve food, and pretend to be babies, parents, and pets.  

With the Potato Head toys some students built a store.  As their play expanded we added cash registers and money so that hats, shoes, and more could be purchased.  It's interesting to see how students chose to organize their stores and how to display items.  There was wonderful and valuable dialogue happening during this play - play is the best way to learn and practice skills!

Check out the teamwork and creative construction in PreK!  Block structures become more complex as students reach age four and five.  They move from enclosures to towers and they test balance and symmetry in their designs.  

February was a mix of rain and sunshine and we enjoyed all the changing weather days.  Here are students enjoying the courtyard.  Someone built a fire station for sleeping and parking a fire engine.  Someone else practiced spelling the words cozy and dolphin.  There were also wild animal families and bike riders.

A class tested their strength using the stepping stones as train cars.  It began with one student pulling another,then more students jumped on for a ride.  The stepping stones are important in our play as we use them to practice balance, coordination, and strength.  Yet they are also used as animal homes and vessels for water play.  

We really love to play games.  Fun games we played in February were Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Bingo, Don't Spill the Beans, and Zingo.

A look back at February wouldn't be complete if we didn't talk about Valentine's Day!  This holiday is a wonderful time to show love and appreciation for our friends and family.  The class loved our numerous heart themed activities. 

Finally it was time to deliver valentine cards.  I hope your child enjoyed opening their bags and looking through each unique Valentine.  There is a lot of love in PreK! 

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