Friday, March 31, 2017

March Madness, Preschool Style

The children loved the Kodo discovery ramps, tubes and balls.  We had them in the classroom for the month, allowing ample time to explore, plan, manipulate and experiment with the material.  This engineering set promotes problem solving and critical thinking skills that will help shape children into thoughtful, intelligent adults. Check out their site for super cool play material.

Inside the classroom the children used stand and hand held magnifying glasses to investigate treasures we collected on a nature walk.  They sorted beans, painted at the easel and stretched putty.  The recipe for putty is super simple:
2 parts white glue plus 1 part liquid starch.  Mix well and store in a ziplock bag. We wear aprons when playing with the putty because it can be a little sticky.  

The children loved creating geometric shapes using play dough 'peas' and toothpicks.  At first they mastered making squares and triangles.  Then they moved onto porcupine shapes, sun shapes and one student even made a cube!

When it wasn't raining, the children loved having water in the water tables and in the sandbox area.   

Smiling faces at GHCC:)

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