Friday, March 31, 2017

Springtime and wacky days for Prek!

We started March with our celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday and a Wacky Wednesday event.  Students were encouraged to dress wacky and they delighted in all the silly, mixed up things they found in the classroom.  

Check out their hats!  A few fun activities we had were coloring underneath the table, decorating new hats for the Cat in the Hat, and eating a special snack from one of our families inspired by the book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  

Students worked together very cooperatively to construct amazing Marbleworks structures.  This toy offers opportunities to explore engineering and physics.  We get to use vocabulary and terms like force, motion, and gravity.  We experiment with movement both vertically and horizontally.  If you would like to try this at home, I've seen neat ways to create your own marble run using form pipe insulation that is cut in half.  Add marbles, toilet paper or paper towel tubes and have fun!

Can a Marbleworks tower reach the ceiling?  Why yes, it can!

Shh, don't wake the babies!  Our courtyard became a baby nursery and PreK loved finding blankets, clothes, and bottles for the babies.  

They practiced their swaddling technique and even took turns being the baby in their pretend families.  

Spring has sprung and in PreK we've been learning about life cycles of both plants and animals.  Our garden box is going to be filling up with all sorts of good things in April.  But for March we had an opportunity to see real animal babies when one family brought two of their chicks to school for us.  We talked about what they eat, what they'll look like when full grown, and what color their eggs will be.  The students were very careful and gentle while holding and petting the chicks and it was a special time for us all.  

Happy Spring! I can't wait for April when we'll be growing our garden and conducting many more experiments.  

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