Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Weather is Changing and So are WE!

The toddlers are moving, grooving, growing and continue to learn by experiencing and exploring the world around them! In March we have focused on understanding the weather! We’ve been singing our weather song every morning and making projects and discoveries all month about the sun, clouds, rain, and rainbows.  

Below we have: Sun Finger Painting, Our Class Sunshine Collage, Shaving Cream Clouds, and Rainbow colors with liquid water color 

Classroom Relaxing and Exploring

We are becoming more comfortable with each other and enjoy spending time reading and dancing together. We also are spending more time playing with smaller manipulative blocks and being more intentional with what we are creating with our play dough. By manipulating smaller objects and play dough, the toddlers’ little fingers and hands are getting stronger, which will help strengthen their small motor skills as they develop. 

Outside Time!

This month in our courtyard we spent time: painting the walls with water, doing lots of dramatic play, balancing and walking on the walls, riding bikes, and building tall towers and knocking them over! We even mixed our compost in our class planter getting it ready for planting!

There was also lots of laughter catching the rain!

The toddlers continue to challenge themselves as they develop their large motor skills. This month they have enjoyed using their whole bodies as they hang on the fence. They  are spending more focused time in the sandbox using their imaginations baking plenty of mud pies and sand cakes.

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