Thursday, June 1, 2017

Good bye, So long, Farewell, Pip pip, Cheerio!

What a year!  The students and I met in September, learned the daily routine, developed close friendships and had lots of fun along the way.  Oliver Jeffers was one of our favorite authors and we loved reading (and re-reading) Ed Emberly's Go Away Big Green Monster!  We squeezed pounds of play dough, dove into interesting sensory material and loved all forms of water play.  The children  mastered block building and construction, and explored patterns and shadows.  They strengthened their fingers and hands with pin work activities, tong and chopstick 'pick up' games, lemon squeezing and mortar and pestle grinding.  They practiced taking turns and used 'courtesy' words with each other.  It was a lively group and I thoroughly enjoyed my part in their development.

Then and Now

The Tuesday Group in September

The Monday Group in September

The Friday group in May

The Tuesday group in May

The Monday group in May

When I Grow Up.....
The children and I explored jobs and occupations.  We discussed the roles of emergency workers, doctors, nurses and veterinarians, and also artists, bakers and farmers.  
I posed the question, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?" and got some thoughtful responses.  

Parting shots.....

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