Monday, November 27, 2017

October in PreK

It was a spook-tacular October in PreK!

We experimented with art by mixing paint with our feet, rubbing crayons over leaves to make prints, and gluing white cotton ball ghosts.  Everyone enjoyed the pumpkin spice play dough and of course the opportunity to hammer golf tees in our pumpkin.

Our visit to the apple orchard was tons of fun too!  We loved tasting the juicy apples and the sweet honey.  

The special snack for our Halloween celebration was fresh, homemade applesauce.  Everyone was invited to use the apple corer machine for our applesauce.  The recipe was very easy, the only ingredient was apples!

PreK students are growing and changing everyday.  It's so fun to capture their joy, their friendships, and their pride when they've worked so hard on something.  Lots more is in store for us in November!

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