Saturday, December 30, 2017

Jingle all the way!

The children have been busy with block building, train play, dinosaur dramatic play in the Courtyard and developing sweet friendships.  They love using egg shakers, rhythm sticks and especially love jingle bells!

We've been discussing geography, and examining a world map and a globe.  The children are becoming familiar with Washington and Colorado because two of our classmates will be moving this month.  We have loved them and will miss them so much.  Our class eats snack in the Courtyard and we often observe contrails in the sky above us.  The children reassure each other that we'll remember these special friends when we observe 'the lines in the sky'.  "Maybe that's our friend's plane going to Washington!"

I've seen impressive growth in my students' willingness to engage in social problem solving.  They are more willing to practice taking turns, help each other assemble 'hard' puzzles and offer a favorite toy to a friend.  This is a wonderful group of children and I'm enjoying their enthusiasm with all things preschool. 

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