Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Gobble, gobble from these PreK turkeys!

Here are the Monday students getting silly for a class photo.  They weren't the only turkeys at Grandmother's House though.  We had a fun fine motor activity of adding beads to pipe cleaners to create feathers for our fine turkey friends.  Turkeys, cornucopias, feasts, and time with family were the topics of discussion in November.  

There were several interesting items filling our sensory tray in November.  First there were water beads, then birdseed with leaves, and finally cloud dough (mixture of flour and baby oil.)  

The easel isn't just for painting;  if you cover it with contact paper you create a sticky surface for endless fun.  I placed a page behind the paper to encourage sorting by color (horizontally) and by shape (vertically.)

We even used it for tangrams!

In our outside play we washed dishes, played with puppets, and experimented with rain gutters in the sandbox.  

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