Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A peek back in PreK

For this month's post I wanted to share some of the fun we had in December and January.  Stay tuned next month to see what we did in February!

We set out items for dramatic play in the courtyard which became our emergency room.  I was the patient and my maladies ranged from a broken leg to a hurt brain (according to the kids.) With stethoscopes and bandages in hand, they quickly fixed me right up.  Their imagination transformed found objects in the courtyard area into x-rays, medicine, and a variety of tools used in surgery.  

Inside the classroom we mixed a batch of cinnamon dough and loved decorating gingerbread people.  It also kept our room smelling sweet and festive as we talked about family traditions and the holidays in December.  

Other fun activities in December were our Pajama Day/Polar Express Day and using holiday theme stamps for math practice.  

As we continue through the school year it's incredible how much more complex the buildings and structures of the students become.  Here are a few examples of their work.  

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