Sunday, May 20, 2018

"Clay play!" Do you remember the first time you got to play with clay? The cool, slippery, soft, sticky texture or the earthy smell? After our discussion about Earth, rocks, and dirt we learned that clay is part of our planet too. Watching the students create and experiment with clay was so much fun! Here are some of their creations.
"It's not a sculpture, it's a giant and this is it's backpack and it's going to school." "I made a cat with legs and now I rolled up my cat and I made a statue."
"It's a chocolate stingray!"
"It's a candy and it tastes kind of good and it's really good and it has a head and it has zero legs and it tastes very good." They loved to play with clay!
As we near the end of our year together, PreK is playing cooperatively and really expanding their creativity. Here are a series of photos I captured while a group worked on a structure with cardboard bricks. Notice how they add cones, toys, and even a pillow! Also notice their faces as they express reactions to each phase of building.
After all our work and play, sometimes we just want to sit with friends and smile. See you next time!

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