Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May flowers bring.....more preschool fun!
The children have loved playing with and testing our new Kodo Kids water pump works. This purchase was made thanks to Giving Tree donations. The staff and I are grateful for your generosity!
We continued our stacking practice using pennies. After stacking lots of pennies, we lined them up, forming sidewalks and bridges to 'visit' out friends across the table.
Feather painting with liquid water colors was a fun and messy activity. The children spent the morning with water color 'freckles' on their faces and hands and arms. The resulting artwork was beautiful, a very different look than using paint brushes.
What do you get when you add water beads to our Marble Works set? You get an opportunity to combine fun activities and lots of practicing using science vocabulary (predict, test, conclude)...learning through play!

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